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Client testimonials

His senior management experience meant he was able to add value to the discussions with relevant examples. Feedback from attendees was very positive as a result.

Stephen Voordouw

Ted’s greatest strength was bringing clarity to our thinking – forcing us to stop and challenge ourselves.

Rick Walker

He was able to engage the group and appropriately challenge our thinking. We emerged from the two days with a comprehensive outline of what we were building and how we were able to get there. With Ted’s assistance we stretched our aspirations in developing our plan.

Mark Felix

Ted has the ability to cut to the chase with clear insights and penetrating questions, getting you to focus only on that which is important.

John Cunningham

What we got was not just a collective vision for the business but they literally drew a strategic roadmap that everyone here contributed to and is therefore totally committed to achieving.

Barry O’Brien

The experience they bring from having run similar businesses and the approach they use helps us focus on what the critical success factors really are. Ted really challenges the often traditional way we approached strategy development and we have clearly benefited from this.

Ross Cameron