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Case study: Business visioning

What Ted successfully did was have a diverse team of individuals open up and share their thoughts in a very positive way, then galvanised the knowledge and experiences available to develop a Vision that, as a result of the collaboration, we are all truly motivated by. It was a deeply rewarding experience for us all.
Bruce Bell, Managing Director | Virbac Australia


Following acquisitions which doubled the size of the business both in sales volume and people, and a subsequent internal reorganisation, the Management Team identified a need not only to clearly articulate the direction Virbac Australia was taking, but to have everyone at multiple sites understand what must be done to get there.  A shared Vision was required.  It was also as an opportunity to engender personal commitment to the exciting prospects before the company.


Doraisamy & Associates provided the impetus for a 3-step process to create the Vision, then to share and live it.  This kicked off with a workshop for the management team to create a graphic representation on the Vision – one that clearly articulated it as well as one that could generate a passion for achieving it.  This involved confirming the critical success factors involved and having every participant draw images that best represented each of them.  Then, working collaboratively, ideas were shared and explored until a single and powerful image emerged that everyone agreed best explained the Vision of the company, and the key strategy planks involved in getting there.


The management team were delighted with the potent image they created to explain the Vision for Virbac Australia.  At its presentation to the entire staff at a Company conference, the Vision was easily understood by all, and became an instantly recognisable symbol of the strategies involved and everyone’s role in delivering it.  The Vision was not just clearly understood, but inspired personal commitment to its delivery.