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Case study: Executive coaching

Ted has the ability to cut to the chase with clear insights and penetrating questions, getting you to focus only on that which is important.
Mark Clout, General Manager | Schwarzkopf


Upon completion of a strategic planning workshop for his management team, the general manger engaged Doraisamy & Associates to guide key stakeholders through their project team and operational responsibilities. He felt that non-judgemental and expert counsel from someone with extensive business experience would assist his executives in their personal development, and in the successful implementation of the projects they were responsible for.


Through a regular program of meetings key operational issues faced by the managers were discussed and addressed. The coaching process always involved challenging their thinking, exploring potential approaches by examining best practices or business case studies, as well as sharing experiences the coach has. Throughout, managers were encouraged to develop and so take responsibility for the solutions developed. This was designed to deliver sustainable personal development, and make the manager as self-sufficient as possible.


As a result of the individual coaching provided to the executives, all project teams successfully implemented their strategies on time and so delivered the business goals sought. Importantly the general manager noticed improved operational effectiveness, as a wider range of solutions to business issues were countenanced and introduced. His executives commented that having an impartial sounding board greatly assisted in identifying and determining the approaches they took.