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Case study: Strategy facilitation

The enthusiasm [Ted] brings to the workshops coupled with the output generated by discussion tools he has at his disposal, and enhanced by the business experience he has and shares with the group, has always successfully delivered the outcomes sought from the workshops.
Patricia Demopoulos, Marketing Director | Pfizer Nutrition


In preparing a product upgrade to a major Brand in its range, Pfizer Nutrition sought three things:

  1. To challenge internal perceptions of the product’s potential
  2. To identify bold steps to drive its consumer franchise to the next level, and
  3. To secure passionate commitment to the new strategy.


A strategy workshop for a broad cross-section of managers and functions utilised unique process Doraisamy & Associates designed to address the needs.  Prevailing mindsets at Pfizer Nutrition that inhibited realising the product’s potential were first identified, and challenged.  Innovative strategies, framed as ‘Bold Steps,’ were then developed to break out of those mindsets, providing platforms for sales growth.  Importantly, the processes utilised ensured contributions from participants were optimised and so all available knowledge was harnessed.  The level of interaction was designed to foster innovation, collaboration and action.


The ‘Bold Steps’ embarked on were managed by project teams acutely aware of each ones vital contribution to the overall success of the product upgrade.  It was evident that the level of collaboration in the planning and executing stages ensured strong buy-in to the new strategy and passionate commitment to achieving its goals.  In the year following the upgrade, the Brand’s position with the key customer groups had been enhanced, and its overall share position lifted.