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The right attitude is as important as the strategy

In my consulting assignments, I often come up against the question ‘what must I/we do to achieve this goal?’  It may not be expressed as such - more likely a plan, objective, target, market position, and yes even dreams — but the intention is...

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How to find your next big growth strategy

It has been my observation that most companies develop strategies that are essentially variations of what they (or their competitors) are doing currently, or have done in the past.  To meet big growth objectives, this has never been a recipe for success. ...

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How much passion drives your business?

What successful Australian business consistently displays real passion?  That was a question posed to a discussion group I belong to.  Interestingly, Boost Juice Bars & Dick Smith Foods were tentatively volunteered as examples.  When the scope was broadened to a...

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How to avoid a bad strategy

A prospective client remarked that what his business needed, to face an ongoing challenge, was a ‘good strategy.’  That in itself is quite unremarkable, but it set me thinking about what exactly constituted a ‘bad strategy’ and if we are to avoid that, can we actually...

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